Whether you’re hungry for knowledge or hungry for some delicious food, welcome to The Hungry Hedgewitch with Bryar J. Rose.

I first began practicing divination at the tender age of 11, which I’ve since discovered seems to be the age most witches come into their gifts! Life isn’t all about the future though, and I ensure I remember to live every day in the present by spending time in my small Scottish Garden, and even smaller kitchen!

That’s right, I live in Glasgow in cold, rainy Scotland although I am originally from sunny Sydney, Australia. Yet since the age of 4 Scotland called my name, and when I first visited in 2014 I knew I had found my home. Scotland resonates with such an ancient magick that I am proud to call this country home and practice my craft here.

In this blog I’ll be writing about many things, from simple recipes, to divination, astrology, trusting your intuition, through to herblore and crystals. If it’s a part of my life, I will share it with you!

Thank you for dropping by, and I hope to see you again!