Does Stress Disconnect us from our Spirit?

Moving to Scotland has always been incredibly important to me, spiritually. It has always felt as though it was my spiritual home, and this was confirmed to me many times throughout my life by those who met me, and those in the spiritual know. Australia had never felt like home, I had never felt that connection with the land I should have. Within hours of arriving in Scotland my soul suddenly felt at peace. I knew then that this was where Fate wanted me to be, and in 2015 I finally made the move, and Scotland became my home.

Wouldn’t it be a pleasant story if everything settled into place nicely and neatly, and there was no stress, no difficulties faced upon my arrival? Alas, this is not such a tale!

Although moving to Scotland was the easiest task I have ever undertaken, living here has been the most difficult time of my life. I found a place to live easily enough, brought my familiar Maia into my home, and begun my relationship with my fiancé, life was bloody stressful. I didn’t fit in in Glasgow, and finding permanent work was incredibly difficult.

Three years I spent struggling in Scotland, questioning Fate’s decision to bring me here, and finding myself deeper in depression.

Stress does strange things to the soul. I found, personally, that in my stress I turned away from Fate and my spirituality. I stopped recognising the passing of the Solstices and Equinoxes, and even my Tarot decks grew dusty.

It was as though my vibration had changed, and I was out of phase with the spiritual world, Fate, and that world those who practice the craft live within. All my knowledge of herbs and crystals, of healing and wellness, were tucked away into a small part of my brain, locked up and forgotten.

A part of me remembered, albeit vaguely, my purpose of moving to Scotland, and my dreams and goals of one day opening my own store to help others on their spiritual journeys. But again, this was faint, pushed to the side, whilst I focussed on building a brand! A business! Social Media! Skin Care! Networking! Shoes! Statement pieces! Rose gold everything!

I felt disconnected from my internal spirituality, and indulged myself in external capitalism.

Isn’t it strange how the one thing that could have protected me during these times was the one part I almost lost? The one thing that has always meant so much to me was locked away.

So why, in moments of stress, do we lock away our spiritual self? Is it self preservation? Or does stress cause our personal vibrations to disconnect us from this other world, this other sense of awareness, we experience?

Does stress disconnect us, or do we unconsciously protect our spirit from it?

What do you think?

xx Blessed Be