Healing Properties of: Morganite

Today I am going to write what will be a first in a series, talking about the spiritual and healing properties of crystals. I could write a whole piece about Pizeoelectricty which is the science behind crystal vibrations and explain how and why crystals have been used in medicine and healing for millennia. As a fellow witch, I’m sure you’ve felt drawn to certain crystals and stones throughout your life, and have used them in your rituals, rites, craft and other practices. And I’m sure, we all have a fair few spread around our homes, trusting their vibrational energies to enhance our lives!

So let’s talk Morganite. This stone has recently become quite important in my life as my fiancé and I are currently trying to find the perfect engagement ring. As Morganite is currently “trending” in jewellery circles, it was inevitable that I would be exposed to it time and time again in store front windows. In fact, it’s the stone my fiancé and I have chosen to take pride of place in my engagement ring (which I’ll be receiving in November).

Once you read about the properties of Morganite you will understand why we’ve not only chosen this crystal, but why it is growing in popularity amongst women (and not just for its colouring!).

Morganite belongs to the Beryl family, the same family as Emerald, Heliodore and Aquamarine, yet unlike the blue and green tones of its family, Morganite is a soft rose to pink colour. I adore the colour pink, and roses are important to my craft, so it’s understandable why I would be drawn to this stone. However, there’s a lot more to Morganite than just a pretty pink colour.

The Healing Properties of Morganite

This unique crystal helps enhance love – love for ourselves, our bodies, our emotions, our well-being, as well as love for others. It helps heal on an emotional level leading our souls to enlightenment and the ability to better empathise with others.

Morganite empowers divine love, and brings healing, compassion, assurance and devotion. It is attuned to our Heart Chakra, and aids in cleansing and healing the body of stress, anxiety, and forgotten emotional wounds, helping us heal all from within.

With this divine love comes not only an understanding of our own emotional wellbeing, but enhanced compassion for those that surround us as it enhances our spiritual of love, affection, compassion, and empathy; we learn through this crystal to not only love not only ourselves, but others, and develop a deep compassion and concern for those around us.

Just as the healing properties of Morganite enhances our awareness of Love and emotional healing, it helps attract, maintain, grow and develop love into our lives. This attraction and deepening of love is why this stone is considered a crystal of the heart, and is so attuned to our Heart Chakra.

With this enhanced awareness of love comes a sense of peace, joy and personal strength as we find confidence in ourselves stemming from healing and unconditional self-love, which is increasingly important given today’s growing awareness of mental health and the importance of self-care.

The healing properties of Morganite: Spell and incantation

As you can see, Morganite can be used in many ways for promoting positive change within ourselves, and within our interactions with others. I look forward to having this crystal with me for the rest of my life, especially as it will not only bring my fiancé and I closer together, but will help me develop stronger relationships with those around me.

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