Remember, they have feelings too…

It’s been a strange week this week, full of birthdays, full moons, equinoxes…

And a moody cat.

Maia (a Scorpio kitty) has been acting like a wee teenager, refusing to give us cuddles and kisses but still following us from room to room demanding attention. Typically quite a considerate cat, she’s also been quite the nuisance of an evening when we’re trying to sleep.

However, it’s important we remember animals have a mind of their own and are completely entitled to their own emotions. It’s also incredibly important that we recognise this, and try to understand their behaviour rather than simply saying “cats will be cats” or “dogs will be dogs”.

Given we had a doggy visitor in the house on Tuesday night, it’s understandable that Maia is a upset. She’s an incredibly social and friendly cat (albeit moody), so it’s very likely she felt isolated and neglected during the doggy visit. That night, after the dog had left, she was very keen for cuddles, and spent the night waking me up for additional kisses.

However, since that night, although she continues to chat to me and follow me room to room, I am absolutely not allowed to touch her – the look she gives me when I try? Oh my! It’d wither any witch’s boots! I feel as though I am being punished for allowing the doggy visitor into our home, or perhaps, because she was unable to spend time with our visitors. Either is likely, and both very probable.

And I have to respect this and her.

Although she is only a wee cat, she has a very large personality and emotional range and I think all too often we forget that our pets and familiars are emotional beings, just as we are. To think an animal has no soul or emotion? To think that animals don’t let us know how they feel at any given moment? That’s just human egocentrism.

Animals can be sad and happy, they can feel love and neglect, and they can and will communicate these emotions with you.

We just need to make sure we’re listening.

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