Three signs you’re being visited by a Fae

Let’s for a moment imagine being cosied up on our lounge in the middle of Autumn, a warm (but not too warm) blanket draped over our legs, our Familiar curled up by our sides, and with your latest book in our hands. It’s a quiet evening, and the wind is creating a lulling susurrus with the few amber leaves that remain on their trees. It in this moment of peace and tranquility, with the Harvest Moon rising and shining brightly into our homes, when we notice a spider skittering across your floor. With a sigh, we think to our self: “not again!”

This spider joins the moths that found their way in only a week ago, and the snails that have started to congregate by the front door. Your non-witchie partner starts to worry that the two of you aren’t cleaning properly. You assure them that no, the house is virtually spotless: You are simply being visited by the Fae.

This has been our life lately! Living in Scotland, there’s a very high chance our wee visitor is a Brownie, who are one of the friendlier sorts of Fae. The Fae are elemental spirits who guard and protect the natural world and work closely with the elements. If you’re an elemental witch, you are likely already familiar with many of the Fae!

There are hundreds of different types of Fae – some benevolent, others not so much. It’s import to remember that not all Fae are friendly and so should always be treated with respect. Hopefully whichever Fae that is currently passing through your home is one of the nicer variety, and wish you no ill will.

Do you think you’re being visited by the Fae? Here’s a few signs that show they may be a lot closer than you think.

Your familiar starts acting a little strange.

Is your familiar chasing after things that you can’t see, or acting a little less settled than usual? Are they being more vocal or talking to themselves uncharacteristically? Animals can see things us humans can’t, so there’s a good chance if your familiar starts acting a little strange,  they can see fae and other spirits when they visit our homes.

Unexpected visitors

Another sign you are being visited by the Fae is unseasonal visitors by long-leggedie beasties. You’ll find snails on your door step, spider webs in usual places, moths fluttering against your window panes. Although these creatures can all be seen at varying times throughout the year, when it’s an unseasonal or unexpected that may signal Fae in your home.

Warm (or cool) breezes

If you’ve walked into a room, only to be met with a warm breeze on a cold day (or vice versa), you’ve just had a brush with the Fae. If you start noticing warm or cold patches or air that shouldn’t be there as the windows are closed, the fans and radiators are all turned off, it’s a strong sign you’ve a Fae spirit or two visiting.

There are plenty more signs that the Fae are passing through your home, but these three are the most common signs of the Fae within your home.

So, now that you know a Fae is visiting, what should you do? Well, not much! Although we can sense the Fae, and they can sense us, they tend not to interfere with our lives too much. Personally, I simply accept their company, leave them a little bit of milk sweetened with honey, and hope they send me a blessing or two in return.

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