Social Media and The Jones’

When my journey into witchcraft begun back in the 90’s, I would never have dreamed that twenty-odd years into the future, the InstaWitch would even exist. In fact, when I first joined Instagram almost a decade ago, the thought of people curating amazing photos beyond their breakfasts or cups of tea, would never have even occurred to me.

Yet here we are, eight years after the launch of Instagram and people are not only gathering thousands of followers, thousands of people who want to see what they eat, drink, wear, visit, believe in, but people are making a living from it.

However, not all of us can make a living from Instagram can we? It takes a lot of time, and a lot of effort to carefully curate and create the grids that successful influencers create.

Yet, despite knowing that we can’t all have the perfect InstaGrid (let alone the perfect Crystal Grid!) we still feel the pressure to be constantly creating new content, to constantly be watching our “follower” numbers increase or decrease.

We strive to be like those we admire, which is only natural and human.

But it also means we’re putting a lot of pressure on ourselves and our mental health.

Social Media, as much as it is a tool to connect us, also lends itself to Keeping Up With The Jones’ where we constantly feel the need to take this photo, or that photo, own this crystal or that, simply because we’ve seen these images created by those we admire, and those we aspire to be like.

Given witchcraft is such a personal practice, this can cause internal conflict because not only are we finding those similar to ourselves, but we’re also being exposed to new forms, practices, and beliefs that belong under that very large umbrella of “Witch”. And again, although this is a great way to expand our learning and knowledge, it can also create an overwhelming sense of “not enough”.

We’re not witchy enough. We’re not gardening enough. We’re not creating enough. We’re not practicing enough. We’re not casting spells enough.

And it goes on and on.

Although a fabulous way for us to express ourselves, our spirits, and our creativity, Social Media, Instagram and the rise of the InstaWitch can also cause anxiety and depression. Is it Social Media’s fault, or even the fault of the InstaWitch? Not at all. Is it our own fault for allowing ourselves to be drawn into these aesthetics and social influence? Never.

But the next time you find yourself perusing Instagram, I want to remind you to be inspired, admire these courageous and strong women (and men) who share their craft openly, and absorb as much knowledge as you can from those who share it, but to also remember that you are enough, your life, your beliefs, your practices, and your photos are perfectly beautiful just the way they are.

Always be inspired by the world around you, but remember: you are always enough.

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